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Documented Production Weighing

Rigging Documentation

Where we supply National Rigging Certificate qualified riggers to load in, operate and load out your load cell system we will also provide documentation that clearly explains the recorded loads.

Take a look at this example of a Load Measurement Document we provided for the Depeche Mode tour in April 2013.

“I would not hesitate in using Rigorous Technology for load monitoring services again. They strive to deliver the latest technology, innovation and above all service. They installed 28 load cells at rehearsals and gave accurate data and advice that allowed me to make informed decisions with regards to rigging equipment and methods for the show.”
James Heath, Head Rigger – Depeche Mode

During pre-production we will liaise with your rigging department in order to determine the best package for your production. Once a system has been decided on we will use your rigging plot and weight calculations to pre-programme overload and underload settings and set up the system so that it is “plug and play” straight out of the case on load in day.

Once on site our riggers will monitor the load cell system for the duration of their time on site, working with your rigging department to fine tune overload and underload settings. Our experience with load cell systems also enables us to assist your rigging department in understanding the dynamic loads inherent with mother grids and modern motion control systems.

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